Stanislas Signoud


Full-stack software engineer - 25 years old

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Current status

Captain Train

Captain Train 1st online, independant train tickets seller in Europe

Full-stack Software Engineer

Les Croissants

Les Croissants Future, innovative morning-focused media


Skills and Tools

Languages Tools

Studies and degrees

2010-2013 three years

INSA de Lyon

INSA de Lyon Computer Science Dept.

Third, fourth and fifth years

2012 six months


EPFL École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

ERASMUS exchange in Computer Science dept.

2008-2010 two years

IUT d'Annecy

IUT d'Annecy Computer Science Dept.

First and second year

Previous jobs

2013−2016 plus de 3 ans

Captain Train

Captain Train Ingénieur-Développeur Full-Stack

Leader européen de la vente de billets de train

  • Implémentation d'un backend de paiement multi-PSP, multi-moyens de paiement
  • Création d'un système de gestion d'affiliation
  • Création, maintenance et amélioration d'un moteur anti-fraude (3000+ transactions par jour)
  • Analyse de risque sur les problématiques de données personnelles et sensibles
  • Création du poste d'ingénieur dédié aux outils du support
  • Conception et implémentation de l'aide contextuelle
  • Traitement d'images pour analyse automatique de billets de trains
  • …et tellement d'autres sujets ! La magie des start-ups.

2012 four months


MixoTV Four months internship

Dynamic TV program based on user likes

  • GUI creation and UX iterative improvement for a webapp
  • Involvement in the building of a service and its REST API
  • Creation of ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) agents from metadata DBs
  • PHP5, Symfony2 framework; Javascript, Bootstrap, LESS, etc.

2011 three months

SQLi Lyon

SQLi Lyon Three months internship

Aliné, french online store

  • Bugfixes in a team of six employees, using PHP/Magento

2010 two months

Open inStage

Open inStage Schoolar project, followed by a two month internship

Tracking system for internships, created for vocational schools

  • Project manager with a team of five students


2007−2015 huit ans


SynopsLive Founder and "CEO"

French'n'fresh webradio about digital cultures

  • 400+ live hours
  • 31 volunteers around all the french-speaking world
  • 20+ shows every month
  • First french webradio 100% made in the cloud
  • 1507 peek live listeners
  • Crafted from FOSS and homemade tools